Dead To Life was a guild lead by Yarr, a level 50 pirate.


Dead To Life was founded in August of 1721. It's guildmaster, Yarr, had good connections with the Royale Alliance, and joined them. They're base was Cuba on Navermo, but shortly after Raven's Cove was re-discovered, Dead To Life moved there.

Their Job

Dead To Life was founded to destroy Jolly Roger. Yarr led several cavern raids with the Royale Alliance. The guild held only fifty members, but almost all were level fifty, making fighting easy.


Shortly after the decline of the Royale Alliance (in 1743), Dead To Life was destroyed. Not having enough backup while raiding the Catacombs, they were overwhelmed, and only a few got out, but were pursued and killed at the firebat cove on Raven's Cove.

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