Level: 48-50

Weakness: Fire Swords

Locations: Dark areas (Especially abandoned homes and caves)

Attacks: kills imminently on contact; possession

Abilities: Speed boost


The death omen was made out of pure evil. 7 gypsies formed it. Each of them had something evil in them: Wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. They got together to make all their darkest wishes come true. Little did they know what a disaster this would make. From the smoke of the cauldron a beast formed. The beast was known as the Death Omen, a creature of pure evil.


Death Omens are very dangerous. In a way they are like rage ghosts, except faster so that if they see you there is no escaping death. They are large shadow-like things that lurk in dark areas. They will kill you if they see you, and they have incredible senses so it is extremely hard to sneak up on them. In fact, it is probably impossible to see one and live. Because of this, nobody knows exactly what one looks like. Death omens will kill any living thing with one touch, but they can also posses people and control them to kill other people around them. The only way to stop being possessed is to use holy water. If you have none, after the time limit runs out, which goes down faster if you are hurt, you will die.

What a Death Omen may look like

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