Elder wand

The Deathstick

The Deathstick is a voodoo wand said the have been created by Death itself. It is the first of the Deathly Hallows. It currently has 155 attack. All abilites are rank 8 or +8. This is the only known Legendary Elder Wand. It is owned by Samuel Redbeard, but it was seen at the Royal Museum several times. In an atempt to steal it, Lee Knite visited the museum only to find its enchanted case cracked, and the wand missing. This replaces staff.
Stupefy Rank 8 Stun your enemies with a stunning jinx
Crucio Rank 8 Torture your enemies with a curse
Imperio Rank 8 Turns surrounding enemies to your side with a curse
Fiendfyre Rank 8 Send following fire after your enemies with a curse
Avada Kedavra Rank 8 Kill your enemy with a curse
Dead Wind Rank 8 Send a powerful wounding wind over your enemies. Leaves enemy with 500 health remaining, the slowly dissipates it by fire, acid, poison, and bane, damage over time
Aura of Death Rank 8 Releases powerful magic. Takes 200 health from all enemies in nearby radius every 5 seconds and boost your allies by 80%
Ice Barrage Rank 8 Icy crystals rain down from the sky! Freezes enemy in one spot for 25 seconds. Hits all enemies in a 18x18 square radius
Steal Voodoo Rank 8 Steal an enemy's voodoo
Steal Health Rank 8 Steal an enemy's health
Protego Rank 8 Block 80% damage from all attacks
Resale Value N/A 55,000 gold
Type/Rarity N/A Legendary Elder Wand
Availability N/A Staff Level 30
Sectumsempra Rank 8 Causes your enemy to bleed out to death
Magicus Arcanus Rank 8

Sends a pink phasoid ray hurling toward your enemy. Stuns, disarms, and can fatally wound your enemy.

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