The Broadsword Deloi was forged and enchanted and inscribed with spells by a Dragon Rider (or, in the ancient language, a 'Shur'tugal) and a poweful herbalist thousands of years ago. The rider's dragon however, was ultimately inspired by a flash of magic, and it imbued the sword with the power of bonding and life, and the power to render the weielder nigh unbeatable. It was passed on generation after generation of more Dragon Riders, including Vrael and Brom and even the evil Galbatorix, until it was passed into the Caribbean, onto the Sunner family. It then was passed to Jonathen Sunner (A.K.A Jay Brightsun), who owns it today, yet he and the sword have not bonded yet. The blade itself is actually alive, though it has no organs and cannot talk, it requires feeding to retain it's gigantic power. It never kills anything besides he undead, which have valuable life pools in them. It will only leech so much off it's victim, that they pass into unconciousness, awaking a few hours later with resumed power. The sword and the wielder will bond so much until the sword is actually able to talk the wielder and send energy through to heal the wielder, making him/her almost unstoppable. It will suck away voodoo, although it has no use for it and will cast it out, to where no one may go. The sword also takes away some of the soul of as well, the victim, and will transfer it into energy and cause the sword to catch fire. This is why the sword's true name is "Earth" in the ancient language: it absorbs everything. When it absorbs energy from sources other than life, it can create a sizziling bolt of lightning.

  • Attack: 89. It's a broadsword.


  • Blood fire - Rank 2
  • Drain health - Rank 2
  • Drain Voodoo - rank 2
  • Cursed Lightning - rank 2

Weapon boosts:

  • Spin cut +3
  • Powerful +4

Rarity: Famed

Resale Value: 679 Gold

  • I plan to make this sword an acuality when crafting comes out
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