A Legendary Doll said to be taken from Jolly Roger himself as it is his design and several abilities.



  • Attack - 90
  • Evil Curse - Rank 3 - A form of Dark Thunderbolt that strikes enemies.
  • Critical Strike - Rank 3
  • Life Drain +3
  • Grave Bind +2
  • Cost - can only be found On Padres Del Fuego In Loot
  • Selling cost - 300 gold
  • Requires lv 30 Doll


In a recent Invasion of Padres Del Fuego, Jolly fled the scene at another defeat of his forces. A Group of pirates were able to Stab his belt before he disappeared and out fell a Doll. The Doll was cast in his image, and provided dark power that Jolly uses. The Pirates were fearful of this except for one, He took the doll and buried it on the Island,Over time it was lost and should a pirate be lucky to loot it, They would have the most powerful voodoo relic in the caribbean

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