The Department of Records keeps everyones Records through the game. If you want to add a name and type there records feel free to do so. CEO- Marie Antoinette

Jeremah Stormwash

  • Is an English Magistrate.
  • Has important roles in many countries.
  • Very popular.
  • Awesome.
  • Rarely dies in battle.
  • 1/2 Jumper on his mother's side.
  • Accused of attempted murder of Lord Cad Bane.
  • Accused of attempted murder of Captain Leon.
  • Wanted for crimes against Spain, Russia, Austria, Sweden.
  • Has political immunity in England and Hungary.
  • Is the Holy King of Hungary.
  • roud owner of the legendary Silver Freeze which he got by killing General Darkhart.
  • Extremely dangerous.
  • R.E.D. (Retired, Extremely Dangerous)

Lord Johnny Goldtimbers

  • Accused of murder and assasination
  • Seen spying in guilds and public
  • Taken as prisoner of war once
  • Wanted in China
  • Arrested 23 times
  • Second-in-Command of the EITC
  • Member of the Abu Nar Clan

Grace Maria Sophia Josephina Goldtimbers

  • Queen of France
  • Accused of Spying but not guilty
  • taken as prisoner of the EITC at least once

Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard

  • Lord Marshal of the EITC
  • Disliked by the Spanish
  • Accused of spying
  • Accused of murder of the first degree (guilty, but pardoned by King George II)
  • Wanted in Denmark
  • Not allowed on the Moon
  • Accused of dictating North Korea
  • Holder of the Deathly Hallows
  • Leader of the Black Guard
  • Hyperaph of the Abu Nar Clan
  • Grandmaster Mystic

Johnny Dockshot

  • King of Serbia and the appointed King of Ireland.
  • Owner of The Governor's Mansion on Vachira, and the docks on Tortuga on Cortola
  • Leader of the Irish and Serbian Knights
  • A captive of the EITC for two days in a Tatto Parlor, later escaped with no charges
  • Was the Co. GM of Vice Royalty Co.
  • Formerly the Lord of Scotland

John Macbatten

  • Murdered Countless People
  • Spyed on countless guilds
  • Being a Palladin
  • Attempt to overthrough the EITC
  • Banned from over 1,000,000,000,000 places in the world.
  • Pirate
  • He is sentenced to be hung by the neck until dead x_x (Note From John Macbatten: O_O!)

King of sweden

Sir Carlos Clemente (King Philip V)

  • King Of Spain
  • Vp Of Russia
  • European Overlord
  • Member of Brethren Court
  • War Hero of Spain
  • 2nd Most Strategic leader on POTC (opinion by some Spaniards and Frenchmen)
  • Caused the murder (termination) of fifty people from the game.
  • Wanted for genocide by England.
  • Considered the worst role-player of all time (by most of the game)

John Breasly (King George II)

  • King of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Arch-Treasurer and Prince-Elector of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Duke of Brunswick
  • Duke of Hannover
  • Leader of the 1st Council of Liria
  • Renowned historian
  • Enemy of Spain
  • Member of the Abu Nar Clan
  • Murderer of several Spanish warlords
  • Destroyed St. Benjaborg in three days
  • Caused the death of several Francis Bridage members
  • Exiled Francis Bluehawk from the Caribbean for 6 months
  • Knight of Order

Edgar Wildrat (King George III)

  • Prince of Great Britian and Ireland
  • Next Arch-Treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Next Duke of Hannover
  • Historian
  • Enemy of France
  • Enemy of Spain
  • Member of the World Wide Weapon Makers
  • Knight of Peace
  • Leader of The Peaceful Elders
  • Heir to the Throne
  • Member of the 1st Council of Liria
  • Member of the 2nd Council of Liria

Jim Logan (Emperor)

  • Emperor of China
  • Pirate King
  • Wanted in germany for Killing their leader while Under The Influence
  • Father of 6 Children(That we know of xD)
  • Former messanger of Victor Creed Logan's Brethren Court
  • Enemy of The Worlds Goverment
  • Stabing Captain Leon in te gut
  • Stealing over $3,000,000 berries worth of gold from the national vault of England(later pardoned)

Keira Kinover-Mar (High Priestess)

  • High Priestess of The Holy City
  • Has many children (meaning too many to count xD)
  • Has been tortured as a child
  • Has an alter ego -- Annytin
  • Is very skilled in Eco, weapons, and combat
  • Is married to Zeke Adem Williams


All records missing.

Diplomatic Lord Matthew O'malley

  • Head Diplomat of King George II
  • Second Sea Lord of England
  • First Sea Lord of Denmark
  • Killed many in the Assassin Era
  • A founding father of the United Alliance
  • Military commander during the fall of David Inc
  • Admiral of the Raven Fleet
  • Last Assassin Lord
  • Possible Lord Marshal if/when Samuel Redbeard is killed/fired.
  • Half brother of King George II
  • Knight of Revolution

Lord Robert Macmonger

Lord Robert Macmonger pic2.
  • Second Sea Lord of the Royal Navy
  • First Sea Lord of the Danish Navy
  • Ex- EITC Assassin
  • EITCSI Assassin
  • Member of the English Courts
  • Awesome EITC Jumper :D
  • Heir to Persia
  • Adopted son of Robert Shipstealer
  • Got the Victorian Cross, a high honor
  • A Lord of the Concil of Thieves
  • United Outlaws Member
  • Assasitant Headmaster of the Royal Navy Academy
  • Owner of El Patron's Lost Ring
  • Member of the English High Courts
  • Pirate ( since i resigned )
  • Member of the OGOWI
  • Member of the Co. Alliance
  • Member of the Persian Government
  • Cousin to Capt. Robert
  • Ex - Captain to the HMS Newscastle
  • Ex - Lord of the EITC
  • Holder of the Three Kings
  • Former Gm of the East-India Assassins ( name wasn't aprroved )\
  • Ex- Auror of the Royal Navy Academy
  • Royal Advisor
  • Friend of the First Sea Lord
  • Wanted in Singapore for charges not to be discussed
  • Former member of the Society of Incognito
  • Former GM of the Co.
  • Holder of the key to the rum cellar
  • Owner of Port Newscastle
  • Public Enforcer
  • Former member of the Hired-Gun Co.
  • Loved by the Ottoman Empire
  • Minister Malcontenent
  • Rank 2 Pvp infamy
  • Pro Jumper
  • Former GM of Highest Assassin
  • SVS for the French
  • Ex - Assassin for the EITC

Shah Robert Shipstealer

  • Shah ( King ) of Persia
  • Prince of Spain
  • EITCSI Assassin
  • Officer in The Paradox
  • Prince of Spain
  • Proud Spainerd
  • Member of the Persian Government
  • Member of the OGOWI
  • Member of the Co. Alliance
  • Rank 4 Svs

First Sea Lord/King Matthew Blastshot

  • Head of the Royal British Navy
  • Leader of the Kings Defense Fleet
  • Governor of Port Tariff
  • Duke of York
  • Adivisor in the Kings Court
  • King/Viceroy of Denmark
  • High Lord of the East India Trading Company
  • Recepient of Every Royal British Navy Award
  • Has 5 Victorian Crosses
  • Former Governor of Port Royal
  • Head of the British Armed Forces (Temporarily)
  • Member of the English Parliament
  • Knight of the British Empire
  • Officer/Second in Command of The British Knights
  • Headmaster of the Royal Navy Academy
  • Representative of the King to the Americas
  • Former Head of the Royal Council
  • Head of the English High Lords Council
  • Member of the High Court of England
  • Conquerer of Denmark
  • Former Captain of the HMS Edinburgh
  • Holder of the Key to the Dead Man's Chest
  • Former Head of the Privateers
  • Conquerer of Sweden
  • Former Head of the Scottland Yard
  • Former Head of the British Special Forces
  • Hated By Pirates
  • Former GM of the Royal Council
  • Former GM of the Royal Elites
  • Former GM of the Royal British Navy (Until they got rid of the Name)
  • Member of the Faye Family
  • Former Commodant of Kingshead
  • Former Governor of Padres Del Fuego
  • Leader of the British Military Opperations on Ravens Cove
  • Founder of Port Tariff
  • Duke of Russia
  • Duke of Dragør
  • Duke of Ærøskøbing
  • Architect of Yorkshire Palace in Denmark
  • First British Lord to Visit the British Colonies
  • Protector of King George II of England
  • Fifth in Line for the Throne of Russia
  • Cousin of Benjamin Macmorgan
  • Cousin of Horation Nelson
  • Cousin of William Howe
  • Commander of the British Military
  • Head of the Port Tariff Parliament
  • Architect of Fort Nelson
  • Architect of Fort Fredrick

Le Souris Morte

  • Mysterious Assassin
  • Contracted to Lord Matthew O'malley
  • French
  • Killed many Spanish during the Assassin Inquisition (no one expects the Inquisition)
  • Pardoned by the King of England and the ruler of France
  • Former head of the French Special Forces
  • Former contract assassin of James Lee White, the Lugermorp Shipping CEO

Zeke Adem Williams

  • Leader of the New Zel Kai Van
  • Worked as a bountyhunter in teenage years
  • Skilled warrior
  • Married to Keira Kinover-Mar
  • Skilled engineer
  • Skilled with Eco
  • Skilled with heavy weapons
  • Master marksman
  • Excellent swordsman
  • Excells in armed and unarmed combat
  • Skilled with chemicals
  • King of The Holy City
  • Skilled in archery
  • Very good reflexes
  • Founder of North

Jonathan Wright

  • Assisstant to Zeke in his lab
  • Secretary to Zeke in his paperwork
  • Good with math
  • Skilled engineer
  • Member of the New Zel Kai Van
  • Excellent marksman
  • Excellent swordsman
  • Good at running away
  • Founder of North II

James Raidrage

  • Excellent work with throwing knives
  • Excellent swordsman
  • Good markman
  • Member of the New Zel Kai Van
  • Member of Pieces Of Me

Johnny Darkcastle

  • Member of The Inner Circle
  • Excells in armed and unarmed combat
  • Knoweledge of heavy weapons
  • Excellent marksman
  • Good swordsman

Charles Swordeagle

  • Commnading General of Fench Forces in Caribbean
  • Amazing Marksman
  • Excellent Swordsman
  • Member of Francis Brigade
  • Spied on important EITC meeting

The Sailor

  • Real name not known
  • Smuggler and Pirate
  • Has wives in various ports such as Nippion, Newport and St. Augistine
  • Once crewed on the Black Pearl
  • Supposedly spied for the Brethren Court
  • Looking for royal pardon
  • Raided Padres del Fuegeo

Simon Treasurehawk

  • Creator of Marauder's Militia
  • Former EITC Mercanary
  • Leader of the Spanish Revolution
  • A trained sniper
  • Has fought for numerous countries
  • A Pirate Lord
  • An Admiral to Italy
  • An Admiral to the 5th Brethren Court
  • A trained and professional sailor

Bobby Moon

  • Has impersonated a priest..... Twice...
  • GM of Moon's Crew
  • Is a rebel pirate
  • Is a semi-talented archer
  • Enjoys daggers and broadswords
  • Doesn't like when people insult pirates
  • Doesn't like to be pushed around
  • Nothing else known
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