This ship is Lord Sao 's Ship of the Line. It is a powerful War Junk that can go through small waters with ease. It was given the name 驅逐艦 because of it's mighty final voyage. When Lord Sao went to the island of Cuba and stole Rice and other goods. He was captured by "police" he then destroyed the ship, smashing it into a rock. The only survivors were Yuing Shi and Lord Sao

War Junk

驅逐艦 after being rebuilt!

Crew of the 驅逐艦

Captain: Captain/Lord Sao

First Mate:Yuing Shi.


This ship used to be a powerful item of fear, nobody could stop it. Over 1,000 euroes in gold were stolen. Then after an incident the ship was broken. However Lord Sao with the help with his first mate and right hand man, Yuing Shi, rebuilt the ship to its glory!

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