SS Dialbo

This is a vessel that has risen from the depths. It's captain has also escaped his curse from Isla Inferno. Syth, the dangerous Undead Reaper boss made a deal with a pirate witchdoctor, unknown, which gave him freedom as long as he still guarded the way to enter a cave on Isla Inferno. So Syth accepted the deal and has gathered up many of his crew to terrorize the High Seas.


Other History

Syth was a skilled assassin but also did horrible things on the High Seas. He sunk various ships to make profit and also sunk ships that were enemies of his clients.


Ship has various deadly weapons. It is a ship of the line war ship. It has 24 cannons on each side. It also has a huge interior for cargo and other weapons. Also other enemies on the ship if every boarded are Undead Reapers Lv 47-52 so pretty hard to defeat plus the three bosses on board out to this date anyway. Also there are also at if ever sunk it'll give you loot skull chests only containing gold, max-34000 gold, and legendary and famed weapons

What he is.. Type
Syth Undead Reaper Boss/Captain
Titan Ghost Boss/ First Mate
Gorog Demon Boss/Main Cannoneer
Inferno Titan Demon Boss/Cargo Defender
Grim Reaper Undead Reaper Boss/Summoneer of the Undead
Sanity Undead Reaper/Crew Member
Santa Meurte Undead Reaper/Lookout

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