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The Dominion of Rio de la Plata is a British dominion located in South America. 

Flag of the British Dominion of Rio de la Plata


The Dominon of Rio de la Plata was established in 1744 by British forces led by Robert McRoberts . The area had once been a Spanish Viceroyalty, but was captured by the British during one of the Anglo-Spanish Wars .


John Breasly , as king of Great Britain, is by extension King of Rio de la Plata. However, most aspects of government are led by Governor-General Robert McRoberts. The capital and location of the Platean Parliament is Montevideo.

Map of Rio de la Plata. Green areas are under complete control of the Dominion, while Light-Green areas are not under complete control.

Info about Rio de la Plata

  • State Religion: Catholicism
  • Capital: Montevideo
  • Governor-General: Robert McRoberts
  • King: John Breasly
  • Currency: Platean Pound
  • Motto: "Plus Ultra"
  • Larget city: Buenos Aires
  • Denomynm: Platean
  • Languages: English (official), Spanish (lingua franca)
  • Anthem: Marcha Real
  • Government: Constitutional Monarchy (British Dominion)