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<span style="text-shadow: Red 0 5px 4px;"><b><font face=Pristina size=10px color=Black>Don Jason</font></b></span>
<span style="text-shadow: Red 0 5px 4px;">'''<font face=Pristina size=10px color=Black>Don Jason</font>'''</span>
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[[Category:Fan Creations]]
[[Category:Fan Creations]]
[[Category:Fan Characters]]
[[Category:Fan Characters]]
[[Category:La Mafia Dons]]

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Don Jason


La Mafia About Header

Don Jason is the Don of Special Operations in the famous crime cartel La Mafia. He is on the wanted list of many people thus his signature.

La Mafia Attire Header

Don Jason usually wears dark clothing such as...

  • Black Cavalier
  • Woolen Long Coat
  • Halloween Shirt
  • Gold Skull Belt
  • Gold Trim Breeches
  • Wallop Boots
La Mafia Signature Header

Securely, BloodSpot
The Don, Jason

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