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Don Maccy

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Don "Maccy", otherwise known as Benjamin Macmorgan, is one of the toughest wrong-doers in the Caribbean. Born in a cold Russian village. "Maccy" often was seen scamming others, or stealing from local stores.

He is known as the "Maccy" for various reasons, the main reason is most victims of his, only have enough time to say "Mac" before they are "cut-off" (killed).

After being chased out of Russia, he traveled to the Caribbean. Ever since, hes been in connection with the worst of the worst. His "company", Macmorgan Corp, is often held responsible for many scams, and funding of pillagings. He is surely a force not to reckon with, and is the Head Don of La Mafia.

La Mafia Allies

La Mafia Enemies

  • Anyone against him
  • His customers, after they have the option of meeting him.

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