Don Mall

Formerly Caporegime Mallace

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Don Mall (short for Mallace) was once a well-known member of a small, profitable gang. Known for his sly and cunning persona, he uses mind tricks to fool his opponents. Tricked by his wisdom, profiters never get the better hand of the deal. Although with keen and talented intelligence, Mallace was also born a hardcore defender. He won't start a fight, but if his ego is in danger, will defend it as best he can. He began his Mafia career as a Caporegime and was later promoted to Don. He reports directly to his superior high dons, and is a good friend of The Godpistol. The Pistol and he have been doing business for a while, and Mallace is an experienced asset to his mafia.

The true Identity of Mallace was never known, although rumor had it that he had once been a powerful E.I.T.C. Lord in the Caribbean under the law of Lord Marshal Bejamin Macmorgan, however these are not confirmed.

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Affiliation With The God Pistol

To all of those who fear, you cannot hide. To all of those who attempt to hide, fear.

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Forever Condemned,

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