• Note: Doug, please use this to put your PIRATE'S information.


  • Level: 47
  • Current Guild: Skull's Marines
  • Rank: Officer
  • Favorite Weapon: Treachery End Blade
  • Famed Count: 28 Famed Items
  • Ships: War Sloop, War Brig, War Frigate


Doug was born in Tortuga and his home is empty all of the time one day he went out and made friends with Davy Firehound. 35 years passed as he was in jail he broke out and found a nice guy named Capt. skull X. And there was Greatness From Small Beginnings.

Ok so now my story, Yeah the one behind the Doug.

I Joined Pirates Of the Caribbean Online In 2008


Captain Skull X ~ Doug and skull are very good friends from the start the power of friendship that makes this world

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