Draken Seas

Draken Seas of Isla Inferno

The Draken Seas are the seas around the terrible Isla Inferno. They are infested by Ghost Ships. They are Ship of the Line war ships controlled by Undead Reaper Captains. Also the dreaded SS Diablo is around these haunted seas. Also there are sea monsters that sink the ships. If in the mood for fishing these seas also contain legendary fish, so this good place to look for them . Also many wild storms happen around the island due to Jolly Roger's curse on Isla Inferno. On the bay there are Terror Crabs. They are level 28-42. Then after the bay there would be the port town containing a few survivors who managed to survive the curse. The rage ghost roam around that port town even in the morning, But the Mayor has survived in the Port Town fighting back the Undead Reapers that roam around the cursed island. Beware these seas. Rumour that at the bottom of the sea are hundreds of sunken ships but they have been raided by the Undead Reapers and brought to the Mine.
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