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Dry Dry Island Is An Island That Is Located On By EITC Island And Is Also Owned By Lord Law. It Is An Island Where The EITC/Navy Of Lord Lawrence's Command Fight The Undead Under Jolly's Command. The Fight Twisted The Island Into A Dry desert island. they can still be found fighting away on the island right now.

Enemies Found On Dry Dry Island:

Ancient FlyTrap Lv30-45

EITC Voodoo Dollist Lv45-60

Undead GraveDigger Lv1-5

Undead French QuarterMasterLv10-15

Dread ScorpionLv22-30

Dire ScorpionLv15-20

Soldier WaspLv22-35

Undead GypsyLv22-35

Undead Spanish BandidoLv15-25

Undead BrigandLv7-14





Undead French MaitreLv13-15


  • Edward LohandLv50
  • Undead Carlos ThawLv12
  • Timothy DartanLv50
  • Claude De ArcusLv15
  • BloodyBonesLv???