I am John O'eagle, Heres My Story

I was born in Irealnd to the soon to be king of irelands family. When my uncle got news of this he got insanley jealous. I went out one day to come back and find my parents dead i freaked out and ran away only to find out who did it. when i found out my uncle did it i found him the day before he was supposed to be crowned. When i saw him all he said was hi and i pulled a gun. Then he said why i said any last words. his last word was goodbye. Then i was supposed to be crowned king but on my day into office ireland was takin over by england.So i was made duke of ireland. But now i work against the english. Taking over making a new goverment i call the celtic republic. I am supreme chancellor John O'eagle


HMS Golden Eagle -- War Sloop


Sword -- 25

Gun -- 15

Dagger -- 9

Grenade -- 5

Doll -- 9

Cannon -- 13

Sailing -- 19

Treasure Sets Collected

The Nine Rogues

Navy Decorations

Rudyard's Teeth

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