I was born into a rich family of noblesin Ireland. But when my father was going to be crowned Duke my uncle got jealous.So when I came home one day my parents were dead so i left Ireland.I vowed to take revenge on my uncle the new duke of Ireland. My uncle spent years looking for me but i had disappered into England with part of my family my uncle never knew about. I spent years in England until I was sure my uncle gave up. I was welcomed into the palace with no problems. Then i made it into the dinning room and found my uncle. When he say me he said " your supposed to be dead" and all i did was shot him in the head and walked out of the palace. One month later i was made duke of Ireland i married a women named Emily and we have a son in Ireland.Sadly Emily died on the crossing to the carribean.Now im in the viceroyalty co. still serving as duke of Ireland.

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