I am John O'eagle, Heres My Story

I was born in Irealnd to the soon to be king of irelands family. When my uncle got news of this he got insanley jealous. I went out one day to come back and find my parents dead i freaked out and ran away only to find out who did it. when i found out my uncle did it i found him the day before he was supposed to be crowned. When i saw him all he said was hi and i pulled a gun. Then he said why i said any last words. his last word was goodbye. Then i was supposed to be crowned king but on my day into office ireland was takin over by england.So i was made duke of ireland. After several years of acting under the crown an working closely with many of the kings allies, I set sail to find a lost land, when I myself got lost a sea. I was stuck out at sea for a while, I dont know even know how long I was at sea. Eventually I found my way back to England, only to learn I lost my position as Duke of Ireland. After the news I left for my palace in Dublin, when I arrived I was given my usually greeting for the last time. When I arrived atthe palace Maggie( my wife) was there, she was there to inform me that sh had offcially divorced me. With her and my title taken from me all I had was gone. I pakced my things and headed for the Caribbean. I now own the Kings Arm Tavern on Tortuga trying to find my way with my new life. 

Ships Golden Eagle—Brig

Stats Sword—26







Treasure Sets Collected

The Nine Rogues

Navy Decorations

Rudyard's Teeth

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