The EITCSI newest ship class, The Titan Class War Ship. In this model of
EITCSI Eliminator

EITCSI Eliminator

the EITCSI Eliminator is a war frigate type and is used for special warfare. Generally used for transporting and to pack up heavy fire power. Currently this ship owned by Lord Robert. One of the first battleships in this ship class.


Titan Class War Ships are generaly have the speed of War Sloops and have also the fire power of War Frigates.

  • Firepower
15 deck cannons and 35 side cannons on each side
  • Crew
Generally can have up to 150 crew members
  • Cargo Hold
Cargo up to 35 cargo crates
  • Speed
Fastest has gone up to 45 sailing speed
  • Level
Generally seen as a level 67 Titan Class War Ship
  • Owned
Property of the EITCSI
  • Used for
The Titan Class War Ships are generally used for fleet ships
EITCSI Eliminator EITCSI Titan Class War Ship is used for Fleet and Tranport Ships and this ship is property of the EITCSI.

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