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The EITC Council of the Elders is the official Council of Elders to the EITC. It consists of thirteen of THE MOST elite EITC Lords ever. It is founded, owned, and led by Lord Marshal Samuel Harrington. It was created when the first EITC creators came together, and made the first EITC guild. They, being the only known elders of the EITC at that time, created the EITC Council of the Elders. If it should regain all of it's original members, the EITC will rise to a state at which point it cannot fall. Template:Outdated

Current Elders

HarringtonSeal.png HarringtonSig1.png E I Co. symbol.gif ~ High Elder

"El" Lord Giratina Origin Forme ~ Elder

Lord Matthew Marcus Anthony "Blastshot" Faye I ~ Elder

Lord "Captain" Andrew Mallace ~ Elder

William Brawlmartin ~ Elder

Johnathan Warsmythe ~ Elder

Sven "Daggersteel" Garland ~ Elder

King John Breasly II of England ~ Elder

Lord Johnny Goldtimbers ~ Elder

Lord Jeremiah Garland ~ Elder

Warlord Johnny Coaleaston ~ Elder


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