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NOTICE: This page is outdated and no longer pertains to the East India Trading Company. For similar information, please see EITC High Command.

This page is for all to know who the current top three leaders of the East India Trading Company are. Note that these are official, and approved by the Lord Governor himself.


The positions listed are in order from top to bottom. (i.e., first-in-command, second-in-command, etc.)

Chairman -- Cutler Beckett*

Lord Governor -- Jeremiah Nathaniel Garland I

Lord Overseer -- Johnathan Goldtimbers

A (*) indicates an NPC (non-playable character). This position is only given to keep to the reality of the company, but is otherwise proven to be defunct. It is therefore known that actual power belongs to the lord governor and the lord overseer respectively.

Past Hierachy

If at any point you were any of the above positions in the EITC, please say so. Put your name, and what position you were (e.g. First Lord).

  • Nathaniel Joseph Garland (Sven Daggersteel) -- First Lord
  • Jonathan Anthony Francis O'Reily (Johnny Coaleaston) -- First Lord
  • Richard Hookskull -- Supreme Overlord
  • Caddius Archibald Bane -- First High Lord
  • Samuel Arthur Aberforth Percival Harrington -- Lord Marshal