This outfit is sold by Peddlers on July's. Complete outfit is 14,700 gold.

Gold Sequin Shirt (3,000 gold)

A glittering sequin shirt, completely made of glittering pieces of gold paper. Sparkles like a pirate's haul after 10 years.

Fancy Decorated Vest (2,000 gold)

A black vest that covers your entire torso to neck with 5 stripes in the middle that shows the glitters from the sequin shirt.

Black and Gold Sequin Coat (2,500 gold)

Dark Black with 10 golden buttons along the sides with gold sequin stripes around them.

Black and Gold Sequin Admiral Hat (1,500 gold)

Dark Black hat embroidered with gold sequins around the top.

Black and Gold Sequin striped Pants (1,200 gold)

Dark Black pants with a Gold sequin stripe on each side.

Black and Gold Sequin striped Boots (1,000 gold)

Tall Black boots with Gold sequin stripes.

Gold sequin Glove (3,500 gold)

A golden glittering right hand glove. Guaranteed to attract the ladies.

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