An EITC Merchant Ship ferries valuable cargo for the EITC. Their cargo mainly consists of royal chests, loot chests, ship materials, and skull loot chests. Rarely they can be found carrying rare ship materials. It is a flagship and must be boarded. (Hint: War Brigs give the best cargo!) They can often be found with 2-4 EITC escort ships protecting them.


  • Class: War Brig, War Frigate, War Galleon, War Sloop, or Brig
  • Crewmembers: 8-20
  • Level: 10-20 ( Brig), 25-30 (War Sloop), 30-40 (War Galleon), 40-50 (War Frigate), 50-70 (War Brig)


  • EITC Merchant: 7 (Brig), 8 (War Sloop), 9 (War Galleon), 10 (War Frigate), 13 (War Brig)
  • EITC Merchant Captain: 1 (All classes)
  • EITC Protector: 0 (Brig), 1 (War Sloop), 3 (War Galleon), 4 (War Frigate), 6 (War Brig)
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