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The EITC SEALS ( Sea and Land ) are some of the most elite members of the royal EITC navy and army. They are highly trained for any situation and equipped with some of the best weapons in the entire army of England. They are trained for both Sea and Land combat. They are usually called in when the situation is dire or is major.


John Warsmythe - SEALs leader

Peter Wavefury - Officer

More to come, this is a new guild so dont expect much right now.


Above the Level 25

Sword and Sailing level is above level 15

Must have an Adventure long coat and pants, from the quest Adoria Dolores Family, Purple Emblem Shirt, Halloween shirt, or Plain Linen Long Sleeve. Need a plain sack vest or Embellished Vest.

Must have been in an EITC guild for a month before to know the basics of the EITC and what is going on

Must know how to PVP and SVS

How to Join

Meet the requirements above, then comment on the page, or contact John or his veterans and officers in game.