Lord Samuel Redbeard leading the British navy soldiers sent to aid the EITC.

HellTrap Img06-1-

An Apache dart trap used inside the temples of gold and treasure.

In South America, the EITC decided to move more east to find more temples full of treasures. They found temples filled with Inca gold, and crowns. The leaders of this war were Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard, Lord Johnny Goldtimbers, Lord John Warsmythe, Lord William Brawlmartin, and Lord Maxamillion, many more also.


The EITC started expeditions a long time ago to South America. They decided to move farther east. That was a big mistake the EITC made. When entering the temples, traps would stop soliders with Poison darts, Arrows, Spears, and Boulders. Cannons were shot to breach the walls without having to encounter traps. Johnny Goldtimbers would enter the temples, while John Warsmythe and Maxamillion held off the Apaches. The EITC had a big advantage because they were using muskets, cannons, pistols, sharper Swords and daggers also.

War with Apaches

The Apache Warriors were ruthless and spared nobody. They used rocks tied with rope and throw it around the persons legs, then take a knife and strike them down. Then they would lick the blood off the knife. Muskets would take them out easily. Most of the time, they would strike so fast, nobody would have time to load the musket, that meant it would have to go to Sword fighting. Cannons were the big guns and would work SO EASILY. It would take out 1 - 6 Apache Warriors. Children and Woman Apaches ran as the EITC would burn the tents and trees. Making it an easy victory.


Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard and his top EITC Lords led the last attack on the temple. They fought with all their strength, but...... the Apache warriors had too many traps planted. It was questioned if to retreat, but no. The EITC and British navy gave one last attack pushing all of the Apache Warriors back. The EITC had won! The EITC now leads expeditions to South America without and trouble.

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