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East-India Elites' "EITC Conqueror"

Guild Userbox ImageEITC East-India Elites is a EITC Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
East-India Elites is a recently added EITC guild that conquered the Legassa Server and is on it's way to conquer the Antik server. They're on the look out for the legendary weapons on Legassa due to it's reputation of many more legendary weapons on this ocean. Also in league with the East-India Elites are The Co. and The Hired-Gun Co. and are looking to work with more Eitc guilds. The Co. is mainly spying on the Anitk server to see were to set up more Eitc bases and has taken over the Eitc Building on Tortuga. Eitc also have many powerful "Ship of the Line" ships going to and from Raven's and Tormenta looking for Legendary and other various powerful weapons such as "El Patron's Lost Sword" and the World Eater Blade on the Legassa Server. While the East-India Elites power over Legassa makes it easier to find legendary weapons and the seas are feared by the "Ship of the Line" ships. But another p
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The East-India Elites is an EITC Guild

roblem has come up in the Legassa server the Undead & EITC War has caused fighting and has lead to many islands like Cuba become a haven for Jolly Roger's Undead army and Tia Dalma has fled Legassa due to their conquering of Cuba. Tormenta has been under battles between Eitc and Undead. The East-India Elites been fighting invasions against the undead and Raven's is another base of operations but is not around at night due to the rage ghosts haunting it. The East-India Elites are mainly on the Legassa server and have been in the EITC Conqueror's Alliance to conqueror the server's and have declared war on the undead and all pirates.
EITC Conqueror's Alliance

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