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East India Republic was an East India Trading Company guild started by William O'roberts in July of 1724 (2010). It originally held close to 30 members.

The Merge

One day, on a scout mission, William O'roberts and two of his men came across a guild called the Pirate Rifle Corps. It's leader was named Robert McRoberts. They reached an agreement, and the Pirate Rifle Corps brought all of it's members into East India Republic, and Robert Mc Roberts would be Co-Gm.

The Great Recruitment Spike

After the merge, they began to stay stationary around one 100 members. Hoping to grow more powerful, they began to send out days where the guildmembers would do nothing but recruit. Soon, they hit 265 members. They began to settle down on in a little office on Tortuga, Navermo.

David Inc.

One day, in their small office, a powerful guild named David Inc. invaded. After two weeks of combat, John Breasly wandered into their guild. He saw the brutality of this war and tried to heal it, to no avail. After another two weeks, he made East India Army, while Robert McRoberts made East India Empire. But, before David could be overwhelmed, he reported all of the guild names. Thus new names were chosen.


Royale Empire Co (East India Republic)

Royale Knight Co (East India Army)

Viceroyalty Co. (East India Empire)

As It Dies

As the months went on, it soon became inactive. Today, the guild is inactive, but still has an impressive 234 members, the only active members being John Breasly, Robert Mc Roberts, and Lawrence Helmbain.