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This page is dedicated to all those famous lords and officers of the EITC. Whether they be alive still, or not. This is the Hall of Fame for the East India Trading Company. DO NOT ADD YOURSELF WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF SAMUEL REDBEARD! Special rankings will be in bold and italics. Special rankings are rankings NO OTHER EITC member would normally have or earn.

Members of the Hall of Fame

Samuel Redbeard -- Lord Marshal (First-in-Command) Guildmaster of Co. Black Guard (formerly), and Beckett's Elites *Company Founder*

Giratina Origin Forme -- Supreme Lord (5-Star) *Company Founder*

Johnny Goldtimbers -- First High Lord (Third-in-Command)

Richard Hookskull/Nathaniel Scurvyskull -- First Lord (formerly) Guildmaster of Black Mercenary 2

Pablo Swordmaster -- High Lord, first EITC Lord/Leader Guildmaster of The EITC's Elites (formerly) *Company Founder*

Benjamin Macmorgan -- Lord (formerly) Guildmaster of Co. Empire

Lord Davy Menace -- High Lord (formerly) Guildmaster of Black Mercenary's

Cad Bane -- First High Lord, Guildmaster of Co. Republic (formerly).

William Brawlmartin -- High Lord, Guildmaster of Co. Mercenary's