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Hello, and welcome, to the official page of the East India Trading Co. Mining Service!


The EITCMS is a Mining Service owned by the EITC, that deals with quarries like Beckett's Quarry, the Royal Caverns, and Thieves' Den. Their goal is to utilize and monopolize mining in the Caribbean, building the wealth of Great Britain. They're rivaling companies are the Corporación Minera Española, and the Francés Sindicato Minero.


When the EITC opened up their trade market, a rising demand of precious minerals overwhelmed the market overseers. They brought it to the cavern overseers, who worked the men harder than ever. However, a few of the overseers knew this wouldn't be enough, and brought a charter to Captain Ellison Shaw. Shaw passed the charter on to Lord Cutler Beckett, who passed it under orders of King George II. The charter can be read here (yet to be written on wiki).

The reason of the market overseers to support this charter was to monopolize mining in the Caribbean, and other settlements in the New & Old Worlds.


The EITCMS has several offices & mines around the world, but here it pertains to the Caribbean only.

Port Royal

Port Royal Office

The Port Royal office is located in the Royal Caverns, a short distance from the entrance. It has several guards, and almost always has miners in a line outside.

Port Royal Mines

The Port Royal mines are the Royal Caverns. They harvest many types of ore there, and several units have been based on an operation to find a book based on pirate lore.

Isla Tortuga

Tortuga Office

The Tortuga office is located in the Thieves' Den. Several EITC thugs are surrounding it, and inside is the Tortugan Mining Operation Overseer, disguised as a thug.

Tortuga Mines

The Tortuga mines are the Thieves' Den. Ore is plenty there, and though the occasional pirate raider may find his way in, tight security checkpoints are around the perimeter.

Padres del Fuego

Padres del Fuego Office

The Padres del Fuego office is located in Beckett's Quarry, in the central courtyard. The director of the office is Samuel, while the overseer is Neban the Silent

Padres del Fuego Mines

The Padres del Fuego mines are Beckett's Quarry. These are rich in volcanic ore, and are overseen by Neban the Silent.

Isle Fortuna

Isle Fortuna Office

The Isle Fortuna office is located at Head Privateer Office, and it's head is Admiral Henry.

Isle Fortuna Mines

The Isla Fortuna mines are rich in gold deposits, making it favorable of any merchant.


CEO - Open (Requested to be Johnathan Goldtimbers)

Junior CEO - Johnny Coaleaston

Head of Ore Processing - Johnny Coaleaston

Head of the Port Royal Mines - Open

Head of the Tortuga Mines - Open

Head of the Padres del Fuego Mines - Open

Head of the Isle Fortuna Mines - Admiral Henry

More coming.