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*King Edward Daggerhawk
*King Edward Daggerhawk
*Lord Marshall Samuel Redbeard
*Lord Marshall Samuel Redbeard
*Marc Cannonshot
[[Category:In-game Events]]
[[Category:In-game Events]]

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The EITC Ball

The East India Trading Company Ball is a party celebrating the service of all EITC members and veterans. It will be held at the Kingshead Keep on Tortos around 5:00 P.M. Eastern Time, Friday, September 2. The EITC Passenger Ship Co. will provide transport for any guests in need of passage to the ball. Please, only members of the guilds Beckett's Elites, Co. Black Guard, The British Knights, or Company Guard are allowed, with the exception of spies that are currently serving in other guilds, and any Wiki user, unless they are unwanted or enemies of the crown. We also ask that no weapons be equipped at this event, as it is to honor the people who have served or are currently serving, and please come fully dressed (coat, hat, pants, shirt, vest, belt, and shoes). There will be a dinner and dance for the guests, and attendance is 250 gold.


If you would like your company to sponsor the ball, or provide any necesseties, please ask in the comments.


If you would like to come, please notice the invite rules above and ask in the comments or add your name.

  • Lord Johnny Coaleaston
  • King George II
  • Davy Hookwreaker
  • Nicholas Nikolai
  • Lord Johnny Goldtimbers
  • King Joshua Pond
  • King Edward Daggerhawk
  • Lord Marshall Samuel Redbeard
  • Marc Cannonshot
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