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Images (40).jpgEast India Trading Company Tavern Night is an outdated article. No further edits on this page are needed, unless they are spelling mistakes. This page acts as a Historical Document and is not intended to start any arguments or hurt feelings.

How They Were Established

On October 15, 1744 (2011), Lord Johnny Coaleaston and Captain Roger Decksteel of the East India Trading Company were sitting at the King's Arm, Tortos, discussing important EITC matters, when Lieutenant Sven Daggersteel joined them. Lord Coaleaston went to the tavernkeeper, and asked for a light and some cards. They were given, and the three officers sat down at a table and began their game. As the game became less serious, they took off their coats and hats, and began to joke around. Lord Marshall Samuel Redbeard soon visited the men, accompanied by other EITC officers. The game of poker soon became a joyful party, with two men playing different songs, and officers dancing. After a short conversation and vote, EITC Tavern Nights were established.


  • All members required to wear shoes, pants, a belt, and shirt. Vests, coats and hats are optional
  • No guns allowed inside tavern at anytime
  • Paradoxians or talk of the Paradoxian War not allowed
  • No capital letters
  • No fighting


  • When - Every Saturday night from 6:00 to 8:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time
  • Where - King's Arm, Tortos Server
  • Why - For EITC officers to forget about war and relax
  • Benefits - Free drinks, tavern reserved to the East India Trading Company in the aforementioned hours

​Members of the EITC Tavern Night Club

  • Lord Johnny Coaleaston - Founder
  • Captain Roger Decksteel - Founder
  • Admiral Sven Daggersteel - Member
  • Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard - Member
  • Prince Edgar Wildrat - Member

Member Ask in comments if you want to join!