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The Eater is Jolly Roger's assassin and spy kind of Undead. Eaters were once people who died a fiery and smokey death. It takes the form of a PVP Zombie, and can inflict devastating damage on unsuspecting and unprepared pirates. When the Eater is defeated, a cloud of smoke shoots up into the air causing 10 Undead Raiders to spawn. The Eater prefers to keep a low profile and not be seen, so unless it is attacking, it stays on the ground and crawls. The Eater's weakness is a group of pirates.



The Eater cherry picks a pirate and launches its long, whip like tongue. The tongue constricts the pirate and drags it to the Eater. The Drag does 500 damage per second. Once the pirate is dragged to the Eater, the tongue wraps around the pirate's neck and chokes it until it dies.

Health and level

Level: 55 - 75

Health: 8,000 - 15,000


If the pirate comes within a Musket's range, he will attack.

Found in

Shadows in The Catacombs

Cutthroat Isle Shadows

Padres Del Fuego Buildings ( Rare Spawn )

Invasions ( Stationed behind barricades when invasion begins )


Slappy ( Future )

How to avoid Eaters

To avoid Eaters, you must stay away from:

Tall buildings

Dark, gloomy areas

You should come prepared with ammo in:

Long, narrow paths


You should always carry:


Good weapons

When you hear:




You should turn around and go back where you came from.