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The Eater is Jolly Roger's assassin and spy kind of Undead. It takes the form of a PVP Zombie, and can inflict devastating damage on unsuspecting and unprepared pirates. If the Eater is attacked in any way by any pirate, it will send out a cloud of smoke, blinding the attacker for 10 seconds.


The Eater is always found in the shadows on tall platforms. It waits in the shadows for a pirate to wander too close. Once the pirate is in range, it will strangle, or Scratch if the pirate does not fall after the snipe is performed.


The Eater uses its powerful, long tongue to drag the pirate to him. The strangle does 500 damage per second. If the pirate is completely dragged to the Eater, he will drop the pirate and use his claws. If the Eater is attacked by another pirate while using strangle, he will drop the victim.


If the Eater uses Strangle and the pirate survives, he will finish the pirate with his claws, doing 1,000 damage per scratch.

Health and level

Level: ??

Health: Infinite ( Must be avoided )


If the pirate comes within a Musket's range, he will attack.

Found in

Shadows in The Catacombs

Cutthroat Isle Shadows

Padres Del Fuego Buildings ( Rare Spawn )

Invasions ( Stationed behind barricades when invasion begins )