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This is the Last Will and Tesstimony of Prince Edgar Wildrat of England should he ever die.

The Items and who they will belong to.

Edgar Wildrat's ring

The Wildrat Blade

Edgar Wildrat's Jewl Encrusted Ring (estimated value of 75 thousand gold pieces)-William Yellowbones

Edgar Wildrat's Famous Dress Robes-Jeremiah Stormwash

A Portrait of Edgar Wildrat (worth approximatly 5000 gold coins)-Lawrence Daggerpaine

A golden cane (the one Edgar whacks people with)-Hermit... You deserve it!

The Skulled Cane

Edgar's Desk- William Yellowbones

Edgar's Desk

All Admins Nose's-Jim Bloodsilver

All Other Noses-Capt. Skull X and Johnny Sea Slasher (slip them evenly)

The deed to St. James Palace - William Yellowbones

A weird bit of dialog-A copy will be given to all recievers

The Weird Bit of Dialog

The Portrait of Edgar Wildrat

Edgar Wildrat's dress robes

Edgar Wildrat's Private Estate on Port Royal-Robert Shistealer (if he makes a userbox)

Edgar Wildrat's Private Mansion in England-William Yellowbones

Edgar Wildrat's Private Estate

The Mansion and forest are the same property

20,000 Pounds in Rubies-Capt. Skull X

A Ship of the Line-Matthew Blastshot

A chest filled with pearls-Matthew Blastshot

Edgar Wildrat's Stallion-Jeremiah Stormwash

The Skulled Cane-Lawrence Daggerpaine

Edgar Wildrat's Foxhound-Cortez

Edgar Wildrat's Foxhound

The Golden Cane given to Shade Link/Hermit

Edgar Wildrat's Prized Stallion

A 2 cent penny (worth alot more,) a lion and a jewel encrusted cape (the cape is the one Edgar is wearing in the portrait)-Benjamin Macmorgan

A large manor -Samuel Redbeard

Edgar Wildrat's horses-Captain Shipstealer

Edgar Wildrat's Fine Silk Hand Sewn Hat-Matt

The Horses

The contents of three treasure chests filled with riches from Edgar Wildrat's expedition in Africa-Matthew O'malley

A ancient ceramic pot given to Edgar Wildrat as a gift-Matthew O'malley

The Key to the chest that contains a smaller chest containing

a key to a door which opens to a large room with a chest inside that will be unlocked by the key used to unlock the door that unlocks a chest that containts a smaller chest containt a map to a key that opens a chest filled with pants-Captain Leon

A fine set of silver goblets given to Edgar Wildrat by a silver smith-John Macbatten

The Silver Goblets

A 2 Cent Penny

Aww.... Look at his jaws.(Don't worry he's potty trained and is a vegetarian... I think.)

The Manor

More items to be added later!