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The Edicts of the EITC are bound laws that were written by the EITC Council of the Elders. These laws are extremely important and are the basis of what makes up an Company Marine. Every Company Marine must honour and respect their edicts, or face severe punishment, or even dishonourable discharge. You are REQUIRED by the Council of Elders, the King of England, and the Lord Marshal of the Company to follow these edicts with honour and respect.

The Edicts

You MUST respect all those who rank superior to you.

You are required to wear your EITC uniform while on duty, or during periods of battle or war.

You must be in an EITC based guild, and must partake in its activities.

When called by a superior or commanding officer, you are required to report to them.

You are required to partake in training or war events, unless offline or given dismissal by the commanding officer in charge of the event.

Before speaking to a High Commanding Officer (first four in command), you are required to first ask "Permission to speak, Sir?" And before leaving their presence, you must ask "Permission to be dismissed, Sir?" You must honour their response.

You must address all commanding officers by their title, ex/ Lord Marshal Harrington, or simply Lord Samuel/Harrington.

You must respond to orders with "Aye aye, Sir!"

You will not give out a false rank for yourself.

You will do the duties your rank requires when upholding said rank.

You will not ask for promotions, whether they guild or Company promotions, you will simply do what it takes to receive a promotion.

You will salute and/or bow when the Lord Marshal or King has presented himself in front of you, or a crowd of Company Marines. After doing said action, you will stand in silence until told to speak, or until given an order, in which you will respond "Aye aye, Sir!"

When a commanding officer gives out the battle cry, you must respond either "Semper Fi, do or die!" Or, "Oo-rah!" Depending in which cry they gave out.

You are required to respect your fellow Company Marines, if not, you will face punishment.

You will wear the name Company Marine with honour, and pride.

You will respect the name of the Company, you fellow Company Marines, your company leader, and your country and king.

You will follow these edicts with respect, honour and pride.

You will promise yourself that you are willing to fight for your country, Company, and men. And you will promise yourself that you will fight for a bigger purpose that only yourself.