55px-Icon nature staff d Edward Daggerhawk is a Lord of Fire in The Alliance of The Lords!
EITC Edward Daggerhawk's favorite Peddler outfit is EITC!
Government Edward Daggerhawk is a(n)/the Prince of the Belgium/Netherlands.
Crown 1 lg Edward Daggerhawk is a member of Royalty.
French Icon Edward Daggerhawk is a True Frenchman at heart!
Lion 4 Edward Daggerhawk is a True Englishman at heart!
EITCSI Seal2 Edward Daggerhawk is a/the Head of Ship Design of the East India Trading Co. Shipwright Industry!
Edward Daggerhawk is a member of the Peace Orchestra.
Lost Sword Badge Edward Daggerhawk was in possession of 44,000 Lost Sword Badges before achievements were deactivated.
DI Emblam
Edward Daggerhawk is a member of DITrans!
Copyright Sign The creator of this article would appreciate if nobody copied its contents or ideas.
Male Blue Edward Daggerhawk is male.
Caribbean Intelligence Agency-Seal Edward Daggerhawk works at the Caribbean Intelligence Agency in the Caribbean Intellengence Agency Department as a/the Head of Gadgets.
GM Sign Edward Daggerhawk is Guildmaster of the Grande Doubloons guild.
American flag Edward Daggerhawk is American.


Edward Daggerhawk has reached Notoriety level 40
Pirate Guild Edward Daggerhawk is in the Grande Doubloons guild.
FamedWeapons Edward Daggerhawk has 5 Famed Items!
EITC Member Edward Daggerhawk's EITC Rank is Admiral.
Royal Navy Emblem Edward Daggerhawk is a Royal Navy character in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
Logo eitc emblem Edward Daggerhawk is an EITC character in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
Pistol eagle eye Edward Daggerhawk's Favorite server is Antik!
SvSAdmiral Edward Daggerhawk is ranked a/an Mariner in SvS Imfamy.
Favorite weapon pic.. Edward Daggerhawk's favorite weapon is the Nautilus Blade!
Tortuga Edward Daggerhawk's favorite main island is Tortuga.

About Edward Daggerhawk

Edward Daggerhawk is the current king of the Netherlands and Belgium. He was an admiral in the EITC. He started observing pirates. He liked the pirates. He then met them and would see them everyday. He loved the pirates like brothers and sisters. He then told everything about this to Lord Samuel. Edward was punished and then put in jail for a week. He then left the EITC and became a pirate. Edward started a guild name Grenade Doubloons which he is looking for people to join his guild. Edward remained with Lord Samuel Redbeard and served him. Edward then heard about Leon coming back so he joined forces with Lord Samuel Redbeard.

A couple of years later, Edward got into politics and ran for King of Belgium and Netherlands. He didn't win the first time for both elections, but for the second elections, he won both.

  • King Edward has returned to the EITC.

Edward Daggerhawk's Levels

Edward Daggerhawks Levels
Cannon 25
Sailing 25
Sword 30
Shooting 30
Doll 26
Dagger 30
Grenade 20
Staff 13

Edward's Army

Edward's army is a well-finacial group with a lot of lvl forteens and lvl fifteens. But Edward is the second strongest man in his army. His second-in-command, Isaac Skullsword, is the strongest one, otherwise there are about lvl 15 to lvl 20 in his army. Most of the officers are teachers or instructors to the others.

Edward's Friends

  • Lord Marshall Samuel Redbeard
  • Captain Leon, Ex Grand Lord Marshal of the East India Trading Company
  • Benjamin MacMorgan, Czar of Russia
  • The Legendary Francis Chiphawk
  • Viceroy Robert McRoberts
  • King John Breasly II of England
  • Lord Maxamillion
  • Lord Johnny Coaleaston
  • Lord Eric
  • Lord Jeremiah Garland
  • Simon Treasurehawk
  • Queen Grace Goldtimbers of France
  • Albert Sparks
  • Francis Bluehawk
  • Hippie
  • Cadet
  • Captain Ryan
  • Jack Bluehawk
  • Anyone in the EITC

Edward's Enemies

  • Jolly Roger
  • Enemies of the Royale Alliance
  • Enemies of the Alliance of the Lords
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