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This is a collection of stories by people who have claimed to have seen El Dorado, the Lost City Of Gold. Later on, when the narrator, Jeremiah Stormwash, and his first mate and best friend, Capt. Skull X, have enough clues, they themselves will start the hunt for this great city with the hopes of becoming the greatest, and richest treasure hunters in the world.

Edward Longhawk - Interview

We traveled to Port Royal to see if anybody can help us begin our journey, and somebdy could. Edward Longhawk claims that he visited the Lost City Of Gold, El Dorado in a dream. But, having the history of having dreams that actually are reality, we aksed him to describe the city in as much detail as possible.

"I was walking through a jungle, very dark, full of so much fog I couldn't see two feet in front of me. All of a sudden, I started falling into the ground, I though I had fallen into a hole but I just kept on going for minutes, falling and falling non-stop. When I landed, I fell like a grenade into a giant lake, with a huge explosion. Before landing in the water, I saw beautiful golden colored reflections in a dark underground location. This was the Lost City Of Gold. When I got out of the water near the shore, I was in the city's jungle, so I was not oticed yet. I took my dagger and started to cut my way through the jungle, to the city. In countless hours' work, I had finally made it to the city, dehydrated and tired, I was imediatelly taken to the house of a citizen, and given food to eat, and most importantly, water to drink. After this, I woke up when I walked out into the city, so I don't remember anything else."

Mitchell Brewmalley - Crew Recruit

After interviewing Edward Longhawk, we went to Fort Charles to hire a soldier or something to help us in the hunting, but we found a poor fellow in the jail and decided to brake him out. He was about to be hung at the gallows, and we are pirates!

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