El Patron's Lost Dagger is a dagger owned and used by El Patron.


This dagger was originally made for and by Jack Sparrow about 25 years ago. It was made for the

A sketch of what the dagger used to look like before it was transformed by El Patron.

simple reason of fighting. That was all Sparrow wanted it for, that was all. Once it was made, Sparrow was very happy and satisfied with his new dagger. He used it almost every single day, making it very easy for someone to come over and steal it. He kept it to himself though, keeping it safe and sound. He would soon realize, that wasn't enough.


When El Patron came into the Caribbean, everyone was scared of him, including Sparrow, he knew that he would not be able to defeat the fierce enemy. So, he stayed in his cabin while Patron was visiting Port Royal. But, that wasn't enough. Patron had heard about Sparrow, and his famous dagger, and he wanted it. He stormed into Sparrow's cabin, dramatically injured him, stole the dagger, and walked out, as if nothing happened.

He redesigned the dagger to fit his needs. He named the dagger, El Patron's Lost Dagger, not because it was lost, but simply because he liked the name.


Today the dagger is owned by El Patron and he uses it whenever he fights an enemy.

The Dagger after it was transformed by El Patron.


  • Attack: 9,000
  • Made: 1255
  • Type: Dagger
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Resale: Unknown
  • Abilities: Unknown
  • Level Required: Master in Dagger
  • Abilities: El Patron took them all away, he has his own powers.
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