Elemtnal dragon 3
Recently The Gen of Peace guild has found seven dragons each of a different element and now have fused them together to from a ultimate dragon


it consists of 7 element dragons

  • Light dragon - created by The LIght of Destruction
  • Dark Dragon - created by The Darkness
  • Fire Dragon - found in The Old Catacombs of Padres del Fuego
  • Water Dragon - found in the sea (namely the sea around Tormenta)
  • Ice Dragon - unknown
  • Earth Dragon - found in the rock of Tortuga
  • Air Dragon - made from the air itself

the heads can switch which powers its heads can have so any of its heads can have one of the elelments


the heads can attack with a different element and fuse some together to form different atatcks and its defense is its shield like scales and the heads can defend eachother also chop one off they grow back

other abilities

not yet able to be controlled and can fly but hides its wings in its body

Elemtnal dragon 4

the elemental dragon

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