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Ellie Jennifer Ellstrom
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     Ellie Jennifer Ellstrom was born in Stockholm, Sweden to a poor family ushered off to St. Petersburg, Russia. At an early age she was left orphaned and would be adopted by a Russian Assassin and unknown to her would learn the way of an Assassin. She finds herself at the age of 23. Many in Russia, Sweden, and Denmark accuse her of assassisnating big political figures and find themselves unable to catch her or arrest her with enough evidence to convict her of crimes.

First Assassination

Her first assassination was in Stockholm, when she returned with her adoptive father as they went to seek out a possible Templar noble attempting to kill the Swedish monarch and persuading the government to allow him to come to power. Swedish law enforcement were unable to figure out why he was killed until they were left and given an anonymous tip by a Templar who took no liking to her adoptive father. Swedish enforcement never figured out who it was, but she would eventually strike again.

Royalty Mix Ups

After fleeing Sweden to be safe that she would not be accused of possible murder, she fled to Denmark in which a Danish royalty member officially took a liking to her. They would at first begin a friendship and would go deeper until they thought they were in love. It would not be revealed though that he was in fact a Templar after she combed through his things one early morning his palace. The relationship ended without him knowing who his killer was and Danish officials asking for her head on a silver platter.


  • Shifting Ascendancy - Russo-Swede Assassin for hire based in Iasi, Romania.
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