Emerald Sea Gang

Emerald Sea Gang (ESG) was the 6th pirate guild made in the Caribbean. It was founded by Bill Ironskull but He left it to make a svs guild. Then Zalastar took charge. Zalastar the guild master of such a notorious guild is very notorious himself but has been inactive for 2 years. Emerald Sea Gang has earned many awards Guild Spotlight and also earned a spot on the leaderboards. 3rd in Enemies Defeated (4551861) 2nd in Ships Sunk (1342789).


A notorious pirate in the Caribbean from the start; he has roamed the Caribbean from the beta times and has made a very notorious guild in the Caribbean Emerald Sea Gang. His guild has just about 500 members in it.

Anne Sunwalker:

Anne Sunwalker a notorious pirate from the start also and was the first guild mate invited into Emerald Sea Gang. She has been known to keep the guild up and running while Zalastar is away. She is almost like the guild mother.


One of the many founders in the and she has always tried her hardest to earn her and the guild a place on the leaderboards.

Jeanne Stormcutter:

Also a founder in the guild and has been known to be clever and also will slay anything in her path.

Guild History:

Was founded October 30, 2007. Was the 6th guild made in the Caribbean and is still active (The first 10 guilds that were made in the Caribbean died except for ESG).

Note: Zalastar is not a lvl 24 he is a 29

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