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<p style="text-align: center;">''Fevzi Çakmakas, Eternal Sultan''</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">''Fevzi Çakmakas, Eternal Sultan''</p>

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Neo-Ottoman Empire

"We Carry the Flame"

Political Information

Parliamentary sultanate

Head of State

Grand Sultan

Head of Government

Imperial Council



Capital Istanbul
Official Language


Official Religion

Sunni Islam

The Neo-Ottoman Empire is a world power with holdings in the middle east, southwest Asia, and northeast Africa. As one of the three major world powers, it maintains a shaky truce with the Free American Empire against the Soviet Union, though the alliance's longevity is constantly in question.

The Empire emerged following a violent rebellion against the Soviets, who had annexed much of the middle east after defeating the Allies, perpetrated by the Turkish Resistance. The Resistance successfuly drove Russia out of the historical Ottoman Empire, and in the wake of the victory established Sultan Fevzi Çakmakas its supreme leader.

Though comparatively smaller than its two rivals, the Ottomans are regarded as the most vicious world regime with an airforce that far outpaces even the Free Empire.

Political Geography


  • Purple - Neo Ottoman Empire
  • Blue - Pax Americana/Free American Empire (Allied)
  • Red - Soviet Union
  • Black - Disputed




Fevzi Çakmakas, Eternal Sultan

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