This page is being made to support the guild Enemy Lines and get new members for it. Their guildmaster, previously, Madster, and currently, Davy Madman, allows levels ten and up to join the Guild, and immediately makes everyone a veteran. In this wiki you will see our guild allies as well as enemies.

Guild Allies

Enemy Lines has several guild alliances and listed below are their current main ones:

O U T L A W S, led by Jarod, Make Us Stronger and Like Wild Fire, both led by Ryan. Bronze Bull, led by David Redhawk, and The Paradox, led by Francis Chiphawk. Our guild, along with the above guilds, has many alliances and several that were not listed above.

Guild Enemies

Enemy Lines is enemies with several of the EITC guilds. Though, not all of the guilds listed below are EITC. Some individuals in the EITC are more of an enemy than others but they are not listed on here. Listed below are the guilds that we are enemies with currently:

All guilds led by Samuel Redbeard (Link: such as:

Beckett's Elites, East India Officers, Co. Black Guard (, Company Guard (, etc.

Officers of the Guild

In this guild members cannot immediately become officer. Instead, they can earn it by being in the guild for at least a week and, proving they are trustworthy, and inviting people to the guild especially higher levels. Currently, our officers are: Davy Cabinfitte, James McDougal, Darkblade, Grace (Madster's low level), James Barrelbones, James Helmhayes, Johnny Seawalker and, Sam McBain.

Note: This changes over time, and is not always updated immediately.

Co Guildmaster/ Guildmaster

Currently, there is no co guildmaster, but we are considering who will become it.

Creator: Madster ( made Enemy Lines, and it quickly increased in size. Within the first week the guild contained over 100 members. Recently, she has left POTCO, but continues to use the wiki. She was the owner and guildmaster of Enemy Lines up until her leaving the game. Davy Madman is the new and current guildmaster after Madster promoted him to it. Davy had been her friend long before she made the guild, and he was one of the first members of it. He was an officer from the start and would be the co-guildmaster if Madster hadn't left the game. This is a video made by Madster's friend, Mark Stormtimbers, for Enemy Lines.


Madster came back to the game after a month and left The Paradox. She may join Enemy Lines to become the guildmaster again or she'll join another guild. Davy Mad Man might remain guildmaster, depending on what Madster decides. She is deciding if Davy will remain guildmaster, if she'll take over again, or if she will just delete the guild. After Madster left the guild, it ran into some issues and is now much less of what it was yet remains a good guild.

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