It was a fine morning in the Caribbean. Tortuga was quiet, the taverns were silent, and it was just so peaceful. Captain Jack Sparrow met up with the Marceline Guild to plan an attack against the EITC. But all of a sudden the door flew open and EITC Soldiers attacked The Marceline Guild and Jack Sparrow.

Part 1: The Attack

Both sides fought for some time Until the Marceline Guild and Sparrow escaped from the room and set sail on The Black Pearl. But what they didn't realize is that the HMS Juggernaut was waiting for them on the other side.luckily when we got the the hms juggernaut we won

Part 2: Ship Skirmish

Both ships fired broadsides and threw grenades. When both ships came close enough, both sides grappled onto the other and started attacking. The HMS Juggernaut had the upper hand and was destroying the Black Pearl. The Marceline Guild and Jack escaped on a dinghy and floated off to the Marceline's Flagship: The Magic.though we them repaired it and gone out again and them we finally had the upper side of the battle

Part 3: Unknown

The rest of the story is unknown

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