Everybodies fools (EF) is a guild in POTCO. The guild master which is William Prowwalker is at level 10 and is always inviting people into it. The vice-leader is Matthew Sharkskull.

William Prowwalkers history At only the age of 15 William was sentenced to death for attacking a royal navy guard just outside Fort Charles. Then on the day the drums played and the rope was put around his neck. Swosh the door flap swung down and William was getting hanged. Then suddenly jolly roger appeared and picked William up and turned him into a undead captain. At the age of 28 he had gain enough power to start his own army so he created the Everybody's fool guild. Jolly roger is trying to get revenge on him by killing him. The guilds power The group has attacked a lot of places over the months and has lost a lot of battles now it is feared that William is planning an attack on ravens cove and if he succeeds he will have enough power to take over the hole Caribbean. Ships and bosses

  • Golden king
  • Storm tiger
  • Wicked Revenge (Flagship)
  • Cutthroat runner.

The boss is Jolly Conor mostly seen in Fort Charles any were in it.

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