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The Excalibur Weapon Card!

The Sword in the Stone (Phase 1)

The great Excalibur, sword of Arthur, has been lost for a thousand years, but has now reappeared in the Caribbean. It was restored to mint condition in Hungary, and smuggled in by Captain Jeremiah Stormwash, of the Sun Chariot while the reconstruction of Padres Del Fuego was the most important thing in the Caribbean. And due to the lack of attention from the Royal Navy and the Black guard, it was successfully smuggled into Los Pulgas, of course by Captain Jeremiah Stormwash.


The newly restored Excalibur!

The Big Find! (Phase 2)

Just 13 days after the sword was smuggled back into the Caribbean, it was stolen while Captain Jeremiah Stormwash was a little "tired" in Goslin Prymme's Tavern. For the next 3 years, the Captain has been searching for the lost sword, to reclaim his true possession, and have the great honor of a hero, to be able to take credit for the smuggling of Excalibur.

Observation (Phase 3)

Due to his major loss, Captain Jeremiah Stormwash decided to start his search for the legendary sword at Los Pulgas. There he defeated General Darkhart, who begging for mercy promised to tell him if he spared his life. But Darkhart decided to double cross the Captain, and after being defeated (again) he decided to tell him where the sword was. The sword was taken by Captain Ellison Shaw, the leader of the E.I.T.C. Black Guard. When hearing this, our hero realized that with that sword, the Company, and Lord Beckett would be unstoppable.

The Preparations (Phase 4)

Coming soon...

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