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Simon Ghost
Simon Redskull was a citzen of Raven's Cove before the attack by the EITC and Jolly Roger's forces. He worked as an engineer at the Daggerpaine Industries branch on Raven's Cove. He was tortured to death by Jolly Roger when he refused to build a Ram to open the door to the mines. Now he roams the abandoned Daggerpaine Industries Workshop, helping any lost souls on their journey to the Mines. He will give pirates an Optional Quest to do during the Raven's Cove Story Quest (see below). This quest will give them the power to summon him in the El Patron Boss Battle. You will have this option until you use it in the Boss Battle.
  • He guided pirates in the tours of Ravens Cove (Fan).
  • He can sometimes be seen during Invasions helping others destroy Jolly Roger.
  • He may also appear in an El Patron's Boss Battle to provide you with a "Secret" Weapon he's been working on.
  • He can be seen hanging around with his colleague from the Daggerpaine Industries Port Royal Branch, Lawrence Daggerpaine, and his Friend Jack Pistol.

Tours of Raven's Cove

Simon showed pirates around the island when they first discovered it, protecting them against Rage Ghosts and the aftereffects of Jolly Roger's attack. He guided them around the island with his fellow citizens. He would explain his story and show them the Daggerpaine Industries Workshop as well as his progress on the weapon; reminding pirates that he offered a quest during the Story Quest.

Quest(NPC mode)

You can gain a bonus Revenant Cannon Ram if you help Simon Collect some parts for his "Secret" Weapon.

  • Visit Simon Redskull
    • Collect Metal
      • Sink 3 EITC Juggernauts
      • Sink 4 Navy Man O' Wars
    • Reload the Weapon
      • Collect Ammunition from 3 Undead Witchdoctors
      • Collect Ammunition from 6 Undead Brutes
    • The Final Step
      • Sink 4 Death Omens

The "Secret Weapon"

830px-Blunderbuss E
After you complete the quest above, you will be awarded a gun like no other. Once you trash the gun, the only way to get it back is to ask Simon for an extremely challenging quest to earn it again.
  • Attack: 101
  • Re-sale Value: 1,000 Gold
  • Skills
    • Steel Shot boost +3
    • Infinite Steel Shot
    • Cursed Ice


  • "Come back here, Undead Scum!"
  • "Time for Payback!"
  • "Sorry, I'm busy working on a weapon."
  • "Watch out for the Curse!"


Rage Ghost Form

Simon Ghost Rage

When Jolly Roger's forces draw near to Raven's Cove once more. he tranforms into a rage ghost instantly vaporising the Undead!


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