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Admiral Wilson PIc

Admiral Wilson of the EITC

Admiral Wilson was with the crew aboard the Black Raven. When his leader, Lord Francis Beckett found the evil island Isla Inferno he was one of the groups that found the mountain where they put their famous and huge fort, Fort Ashlock. As member of the EITC Black Guard and is loyal to Captain Ellison Shaw but on this mission he was Lord Francis Beckett's right hand man. When Lord Francis Beckett was removed from his power of "Lord" Admiral Wilson was promoted to Lord. He was killed though during the Weapons War on Isla Inferno. He moved on to another location to find the Infamous Jack Sparrow but Lord Cutler Bekett beat him to it. He was also at the battle at Raven's Cove. Sadly their battle made Raven's Cove what it is today.


He only uses his dagger during battle but has mastered Sword, Shooting, Sailing, Cannon and Dagger.

Weapon Level Award
Sword 30 mastered
Sword Fan GM Admiral Wilson has mastered Sword!
Shooting 30 mastered
Gun Fan GM Admiral Wilson has mastered Gun!
Dagger 30 mastered
Dagger Fan GM Admiral Wilson has mastered Dagger!
Cannon 30 mastered
Cannonmaster Fan GM Admiral Wilson is a master of the Cannon!
Sailing 30 mastered
CompassSM Fan GM Admiral Wilson is a master at Sailing!
Fishing 20 mastered
LegendaryLure Fan GM Admiral Wilson is a Master Fisherman!
Potions 20 mastered
PotionsIcon Fan GM Admiral Wilson is an expert potion brewer!
Reputation 48
LevelTemplate48 Fan GM Admiral Wilson has reached Notoriety level 48!


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