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Aeolus Pic

Aeolus of Casa de Muertos

Aeolus is an evil voodoo master that tricked the good people of Isla Inferno into using voodoo which made Jolly Roger gain strength and turn the island into what it is today. He was a pirate that mastered all voodoo. He met up with the Guildmaster of Casa de Muertos and joined them. In return he would have to join with Jolly Roger. Aeolus had one condition though to make him immortal. Jolly Roger granted his wish but at a price. If he didn't do what Jolly told him to do, he would be an undead slave to Jolly Roger. Aeolus wanted out but he couldn't it was too late. Then Jolly Roger couldn't get to Isla Inferno anymore and send any of his Undead soldiers to invade. He told Aeolus to sneak onto the island and find out where places are and when to attack best. Also Jolly Roger knew that the EITC were in control of the island so he told Aeolus to teach the people voodoo to get rid of the EITC, but it made matters worse. The voodoo caused his undead power to reach the island and then Invasion of Isla Inferno happened. Aeolus was paid very well and left for another target of Jolly Roger. Aeolus was considered like the other Casa de Muertos members, Backstabbers and Traitors to everybody. Aeolus can sometimes be seen looting on Isla Inferno the cargo and other pirates that are on the island.


  • Taboo Doll
  • Vile Staff


Weapon Level Award
Doll 30 mastered
Doll Fan GM Aeolus has mastered Doll!
Staff 30 mastered
Staff Fan GM Aeolus has mastered Staff!
Potions 20 mastered
PotionsIcon Fan GM Aeolus is an expert potion brewer!
Reputation 48
LevelTemplate48 Fan GM Aeolus has reached Notoriety level 48!


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