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Commander John Simmons of the Royal Navy

Commander John Simmons is the Co. GM of the Royal Navy guild. He was the Leader of the Royal Navy while Lord Francis Beckett was in charge of the EITC. He was aboard the HMS Titan, ship of the line, on his way to the evil island, Isla Inferno. He is loyal to Great Britain but doesn't trust the EITC as much as a commander should. He thought that Beckett had another plan for the island but never found out. He was the one who designed Fort Ashlock and was also the one who fought the battles on the Draken Seas against Jolly Roger during the First Civil War on Isla Inferno. His ship, HMS Titan is his proud vessel and has been in His Majesty's Fleet as the Flag ship. John Simmons can sometimes be seen on Port Royal making sure that the Cadet's don't mess up on the first day in the job. He also leads Royal Navy members to Isla Inferno to get to Fort Ashlock to get many cargo but the Undead Reaper Fleet around Isla Inferno makes it difficult to get to the island.

Other Info

Isla Inferno Template.jpg Fan GM John Simmons appeared in the book, Isla Inferno Histories: The First Civil War!


He hates voodoo so doesn't have voodoo weapons.

Weapon Level Award
Sword 30 mastered
Sword.JPG Fan GM John Simmons has mastered Sword!
Shooting 30 mastered
Gun.JPG Fan GM John Simmons has mastered Gun!
Dagger 30 mastered
Dagger.JPG Fan GM John Simmons has mastered Dagger!
Grenade 30 mastered
Grenade.JPG Fan GM John Simmons has mastered Grenade!
Cannon 30 mastered
Cannonmaster.jpg Fan GM John Simmons is a master of the Cannon!
Sailing 30 mastered
CompassSM.png Fan GM John Simmons is a master at Sailing!
Notoriety 48
LevelTemplate48.png Fan GM John Simmons has reached Notoriety level 48!


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